Create a name and logo for Nextshark’s civil rights department.


A cliche among Asian-centric businesses is to choose buzzwords like panda, rice, or east. I wanted a name that was authentic to the Asian experience and representative of civil rights without sounding too on the nose. I came up with Rebel Yellow: a name that perfectly embodies the personality of an Asian civil rights activist.

Designing The Logo

During my research and development for Rebel Yellow, I came across an unlikely inspiration: racism.

In the 1800's, the yellow octopus became a symbol of anti-Asian fear and was used in a variety of anti-Chinese propaganda. This forgotten historical fact became the center of how I wanted Rebel Yellow to look and feel: creative, aware, and empowered.

We took a caricature of xenophobia and racism and transformed it into an icon of strength. The logo for Rebel Yellow is a thick yellow octopus tentacle, a subtle nod to the past, but also a brand conscious decision that aligns with Nextshark's current logo, a shark fin.

Rebel Yellow Facebook

rebel yellow landing page.PNG

Rebel Yellow is the Civil Rights department I developed for Nextshark in 2017.

From concept to completion, I created the name, logo, and color scheme of this Facebook page targeted at young Asian Americans passionate about civil rights. 

Rebel Yellow is sharp, but approachable. Though we write with a hard edge, we're dedicated to our community and the development of Asian American identities. We make sure the comment section is orderly and safe, and we connect with non-Asian communities to bridge stronger intercultural relations.

In under a year, Rebel Yellow has amassed over 25,000 Facebook followers. Many civil rights activist regard Rebel Yellow as their go-to platform for Asian civil rights news.

Rebel Yellow Posts and Headlines

Rebel Yellow Merchandise