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RealPage provides weekly content for the senior living blog. We address the questions and concerns of family members, caretakers, and aging parents interested in independent, assisted, and skilled nursing homes.

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Perhaps the scent of soil and freshly cut grass brings back memories of childhood or the hour of sunshine lifts one’s spirits. Whatever the cause, gardening has always been a go-to activity for residents of senior living communities

Tech Gadgets That Can Simplify Your Moving Process

Helping your loved one move into a new apartment and sorting through their old belongings can bring back old memories. From your mother’s precious family photo albums to your father’s collection of vinyl blues records, these cherished items represent key moments in their life that they cannot live without—or so they think.

How to Support a Loved One with a Terminal Illness

When a family member becomes terminally ill, it can feel as if you have spinning plates in the air: one for your emotions and another for your loved one.