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'Bon Appétit' Video of White Chef Explaining How to Eat Pho is Peak Cuisine Columbusing

Matthew Rodriguez from reached out to me for my opinions on #PhoGate, a video from Bon Appetit Magazine which featured a white chef from Philadelphia telling Asian people how to properly eat pho.

Huffington Post: 
Online Activists Question Facebook’s Anti-Racism Stance After One Woman’s Terrifying Death Threat Goes Viral

A man sent horribly racist death threats to a Black woman and the LLAG community alerted authorities. He was fired from his job shortly after.

Huffington Post

Asian America Podcast | Episode #24

I sat down with host Ken Fong to discuss interracial dating, reverse racism, and xenophobia.

Asian America Podcast

Hotline with Cleo Stiller - 6.22.16

Look, ma'! I'm on the radio! I couldn't fly into New York for this video so I called in to give my take on masculinity in the Asian-American community.


Facebook Post Calls Out The Disturbingly Different Responses to the Gorilla and Alligator Tragedies 

U.S. Uncut

This Blogger's Post on Food and Racism is an Eye-Opener; You Have to Read it

India Today

Michelle Meow Show - 7.20.16: Ranier Maningding

Michelle Meow is a radio host based in Silicon Valley. A supporter of my page, Michelle and I talked about toxic masculinity and internet harassment.

Michelle Meow Show

Asian-American Men: Hunks of Burning Love or Wimps With Small Wieners?

Can't say that I love this title... lol

On the flip side, the Google+ interview was fun and Ama Yawson was a sweetheart.

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