Project “Cream & Crop”

In 2014, I invited my blog readers to a Google Hangout session where I revealed a new concept for an interracial dating Facebook group. At the time, interracial dating groups on Facebook lacked structure and organization. Project Cream & Crop was my solution. 

After I assembled a team of editors, we came up with the official name, Ichiro and Juliet (like Romeo and Juliet) and released a series of posters to promote I&J.

The group was a huge success! Our posts empowered the AMXF community, provided content that was interesting, useful, and entertaining. We gave tips on how to land a first date, created a workout buddy program to encourage members to stay active, and established connections so college students and working professionals could network on LinkedIn. I&J was more than a dating group, it was a healthy, promising community.